Have you just felt like sitting down with a dental professional who is not necessarily a dentist and just being social?  Having a chat with a relaxing warm drink in a confidential arena where you can discuss anything and everything? Sometimes people can become a little nervous and timid when discussing things with a dentist and sometimes a dentist can find themselves in a corner when discussing things such as finances with clients.

Well that’s what we offer at Ollie and Darsh in ‘Suzy’s Suite’ and hopefully some of you who have already been in may be able to agree with this. Our consultations are really friendly and informative.

It is an ideal opportunity to discuss any anxieties you may have or any concerns you may have in relation to your smile. We can chat about the benefits and features of our services, your options, how your journey begins and of course how much your treatment may cost. We can pass on information about our attractive monthly payment options and any offers we may be running.

It is just a really nice 30 minute reservation for you to get a feel of the clinic and for us to start building a relationship with you, one which will hopefully last a life time.

If you would like to join us for a chat about all things teeth and of course anything else please give us a call today 0151 65 910 65.