We talk to lots of people every day and its very common for people to suffer with intense fears over going to the dentist.

A lot of people will allow a dental issue to get to a point where much more extensive work ends up being necessary. Unfortunately, a vicious cycle of oral health issues begin as a result of this way of living. Perhaps a more routine procedure would have sufficed with frequent visits to the dentist and the hygienist.

Once you do decide to see the dentist you may be faced with a host of recommendations to get a healthy smile back, and one which is functional. Quite often the patient with fear over going to the dentist develops even more anxiety. Sometimes the fear of going to the dentist is so crippling that it qualifies as a full-blown phobia.

It is really important that once your oral health is restored you should maintain it with regular check ups and regular hygiene treatments and this is where systems like our memberships can help.

We want to continue building relationships with you, to provide continuity of care with the same dentist. We want to help you maintain the beautiful dentistry you have invested in and by becoming a member at O&D and working together you will achieve this.

If you would to find out more about our dental memberships please come in for a FREE consultation and find out how nice we are.