We are delighted to share with you our latest testimonial from a happy client whom received treatment from us recently.  You can read more of our testimonials here.

“Last year, I finally decided to approach a dentist about my teeth.  I’d always been self-conscious of them as they were badly aligned with one of my canines protruding in front of the rest of my teeth, pushing the others out of place.  I knew they needed treatment but was apprehensive of dentists and so continued to put it off.

After researching orthodontists in Liverpool, I heard about and booked an appointment at Ollie and Darsh on Dale Street.  At my appointment with Ollie, he recommended the ’6 month Smile’ treatment and assured me that he could fix my teeth.  I had the braces fitted and returned for regular appointments to check on the progress and adjust as needed.  Although the braces took a few weeks for me to get used to, they caused me no discomfort.  Most people didn’t notice them unless I pointed them out.

Ollie and his colleagues reassured me throughout my treatment and I was very impressed with their professionalism and care.  I always knew they were only a phone call away and always listened to any concerns or worries I had and they always endeavoured to fit my appointments around my work commitments.

By the end of my treatment, my attitude towards going to the dentist completely changed from being nervous about appointments to looking forward to them as I saw the improvements and for the first time became confident about my teeth and smile.

My smile has improved 100% and for the first time, I have received positive comments and compliments about my teeth.

I would like to express my gratitude to all at Ollie and Darsh and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone thinking of having treatment on their teeth.

On a further note, I would like to say thank you for their help with my 4 year old son, James, who had a bad fall in the city centre last Summer.  As the fall occurred near Moorfields Station, my wife took him into Ollie and Darsh’s practice as his front teeth had been pushed completely backwards in his mouth and were bleeding profusely.  They immediately organised for him to be seen by Darsh, who checked him over and reassured my wife.  They even organised for a follow up appointment for James a week later.

I am not sure that many private practices would have been this accommodating at such short notice.  This could have been a traumatic experience for him but for the professionalism and calm reassurance of all of the staff there.

Thank you again

M. & P. F”