We are proud to share with you our latest testimonial from a client who has undergone Invisalign treatment, including a lovely photo to show off her new smile.  You can read more testimonials by following this link.


If your sat reading this now, your obviously in the exact same position as I was this time last year. Have you found yourself searching the web for ways of magically changing your smile yet not wanting the embarrassment of the dreaded “train tracks”, maybe like me you never actually made it known how upsetting your smile makes you feel and how uncomfortable it is even to talk about teeth in front of people just to avoid drawing attention to your own. Well now is the time to take the first steps and put your faith in Ollie and Darsh, trust me you will not be disappointed.

I came to Ollie and Darsh after making an appointment around this time last year, for me I had got to the point where my smile was making me miserable, I couldn’t be my bubbly confident self as I was forever hiding my teeth and avoided situations where I had to smile publicly! Don’t get me wrong I have never been a shy person, always the life and sole of a party, but deep down I wasn’t truly happy, I checked every photo that was taken, deleting anywhere my crooked smile was noticeable! Living a lie really, yet not knowing how to fix something that was broken. That’s when I started searching the Internet, looking at all different methods of teeth straightening.

I had made my mind up, I wanted a smile to be proud of, I was done hiding from the world and was going to do all I could to get it. That’s when I came across Invisalign- invisible braces, surely this had to be too good to be true. I spent ages browsing different sights local and far away. I read reviews of Blackburn dentists and Accrington dentist as that is where I live, yet none of them seem to be professional enough. I then came across Ollie and Darsh in Liverpool, my first impression of the website was how lovely it looked, having that private standard yet welcoming feel. Having nothing to lose I decided to book my free consultation, for me the hardest part was now done!

My consultation was with Suzy, who I must say is fantastic, and is there with you every step of the way! The amount of times I emailed her about my worries and concerns must have drove the poor woman insane, but she never complained and was always there to reassure me putting my mind continuously at ease, and becoming more like a friend. In fact looking at it now, I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to write my testimonial, but I didn’t want to rush it, I felt and still feel like everyone at Ollie and Darsh deserve all the credit they can get and even taking my time writing this will not explain how happy I actually feel and how much my life has changed due to everyone’s support.

My treatment took a little longer than was to be expected, but this was only caused by the fact I live quite far away, it was a 45minute drive too Liverpool from my house, so when problems occurred I had to fit my appointments like many others around work. I’ll always remember the time I had to email Ollie telling him my naughty Japanese Akita dog had eaten one of my retainers off the kitchen side….yes you read it right EAT it haha! Ollie told me it wasn’t the first time he’d heard of this and I was soon booked in for another retainer to be fitted! My point here is even when problems came up, the team were always punctual and resolves every situation calmly and professionally.

From my experience you cannot get any better than Invisalign, I had mine on for around ten months, and in that whole time not even my boyfriend knew I was wearing them, until I told him. I work as a receptionist and I didn’t want anyone to know I was going through treatment if I could help it, so other than my family and close friends I kept my little secret through the whole possess. Although when they are on, to yourself you can notice them, they have a nice shine to them and if you have many chips needed (which I did) you automatically worry that people will notice them straight away! But take it from my experience, THEY DON’T! The only thing people may notice is that at first as your mouth is getting used to the retainers, the plastic rubs on your gums and mouth creating in my case lots of ulcers, and at times unbearable pain. All I had to do was use bonjela and eventually everything is fine and your mouth gets used to them.

I’m just gonna wrap this all up by saying that visiting Ollie and Darsh was, and still is the best decision of my entire life. It literally has changed the way I am. I no longer have to hide my smile, it is now beautiful, something I am very proud to show off and even get amazing compliments of total strangers. It has changed the shape of my face even, because it all now looks in proportion with everything. I still wear my retainers every night when I go to sleep because to me, if it means keeping the shape of what the retainers have created, I want to keep this for the rest of my life.

I just want to take the time to thank everyone on the team at Ollie and Darsh, you truly have changed my life and I’m so happy with my new smile. The money that it has cost seems like a small price to pay for the amazing results that you have given me, that I never thought possible, especially not from a bit of plastic. I think anyone who is in the position I started off at should defiantly not waste any more time being miserable and take the steps I did, I promise it will change your life forever.

Thank you all so much, know I keep saying it but it still doesn’t come close to the appreciation I actually feel

N. B