Ever since brand new EU regulations were enforced allowing only 6% hydrogen peroxide to be used in whitening treatments, it has been implied that there has been a leaning towards more “long-term” dental transformations, as opposed to “overnight successes” which may include teeth whitening.

Here at Ollie & Darsh, we continue to see the popularity of teeth whitening treatments intensify, however it’s also been the case that treatments to obtain a more natural, healthy looking smile, are certainly on the up.
Using removable aligners has grown by 25% in the past 5 years, and continues to do so – not surprising when you take into account the advancements in technology, and particularly with clear aligners available allowing for discretion throughout treatment.

Although British men, in particular, may have once obtained a bad reputation for poor dental hygiene (Austin Powers, a classic example of this stereotype) this is no longer the case, and the natural smile is fighting back with a vengeance, with “Hollywood” smiles – so often made popular in American culture through celebrity makeovers – flailing in comparison.

In America, 25% of those who wear braces are adults, with the likes of Katherine Heigl and Justin Bieber making Invisalign aligners a particularly well-known solution to misaligned teeth. And it’s not normally long before the UK follows suit from trends across the pond.

So, will UK dental patients follow suit and move away from the Austin Powers stereotype? After being awarded with Diamond Status for Invisalign, based on the number of Invisalign cases completed in a year, we would say, absolutely.