The teeth are the stars of a healthy and confident smile – straight, bright and white, they are the visual sign of well-tended oral health. However, exceptional oral hygiene rests just as much with healthy gums.

Gums provide an all-important barrier between the teeth and the bones, providing a seal that prevents bacteria and plaque from entering the body. Brushing and flossing regularly ensures that food particles are removed from in between your teeth. If left, this debris can inflame and infect the gums, leading to gum disease and a wearing away of the protective function of the gums.

When the teeth are crooked, brushing and flossing can be less effective as food debris and plaque can build up in the awkward angles of the teeth, therefore leaving the gums at risk of inflammation. When the gums become infected this can rapidly develop, leaving you vulnerable to receding gums or even loss of teeth.

Here at Ollie and Darsh, we believe that gum health should be a priority for everyone and misaligned teeth shouldn’t jepordise your dental wellbeing.

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