It’s the festive party season and that means that temptation is at its highest. Sweeties, indulgent chocolates and free flowing alcohol are all on offer at the end of the year and sometimes it’s nice to be able to spoil yourself a little bit.

As we mentioned in our previous blog, there are a few primary offenders when it comes to staining your teeth and contributing to plaque at the Christmas party. But don’t worry! We’ve collected some great alternative party foods that will not only keep your smile looking sweet but are rather more forgiving on the waistline too!

Raw, crunchy vegetables

Think celery and raw carrots. Not only are they deeply nutritious, but their fibrous, crunchy texture means that you produce more saliva and helps to eliminate sugars from the mouth, helping you avoid cavity causing plaque.

Take advantage of the cheese plate

That cheeseboard option on the menu might be one of Santa’s little helpers for your teeth. Cheese is low in sugar so won’t put you at high risk for cavities and the protein casein, found in dairy products, is perfect for fortifying the surface of your teeth.

Parsley – more than just a garnish

Now, you may want to stray from the leafy greens for fear of getting caught out with some spinach in your teeth in those party snaps! However, parsley is a brilliant natural breath sweetener so grab that garnish and make the most of it!


We know enjoying a few glasses of bubbles over the festive period is enjoyable and fun, so we’re not going to tell you to not enjoy your favourite tipple! However, staying hydrated with fresh water will not only help you avoid the fuzzy head, but also stimulates your natural production of saliva. Saliva protects your teeth from a build-up of plaque and one less sugary drink has got to be a positive!

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