As regular readers of our blog will know, we have just had our sixth annual Invisalign and Six Month Smiles discount day. We loved meeting all of our new clients and getting them started on the journey toward discovering their own perfect smile. Thank you all for coming along and supporting Ollie & Darsh!

Now that we have so many more people discovering the changes that a rejuvenated smile can bring, we think that now is the perfect time to remind you of the power of flossing your teeth. It can be so easily overlooked when you have many other things to think about in your routine. However, flossing is one of the most important things you can do for your dental hygiene and your teeth.

Have a look at our top three reasons to floss and discover how this simple action can help you maintain your stunning smile.

1.       It gets to harder to reach places

Brushing your teeth will remove the bacteria and plaque that lies on the surface of your teeth and that great. However, flossing gets in between the teeth where plaque is more likely to get trapped and harden, leading to tarter, which can only be removed by professional equipment.

2.       It helps avoid gum disease

The tarter that builds up if plaque is not sufficiently removed can build up around the gum line. This is bad news as this can become inflamed and infected. This in turn, leads to swollen, bleeding gums and the onset of gingivitis, a gum disease that, if left untreated can lead to tooth loss.

3.       Keep your breath smelling sweet

The eventual build-up of plaque in between the teeth that is caused by not flossing inevitably leads to bad breath. Leftover particles of food can also contribute to dental cavities which also contribute to bad breath. If you want to always be smelling sweet, make sure you floss!

Keeping your teeth in great condition is something that you have control over, through a diligent and caring at-home dental routine.  It can be hard to remember but if you are investing in the health of your teeth with more sophisticated treatments, then it certainly pays off to get the basics right.

If you want to find out how Ollie & Darsh can help you maintain that perfect smile then head over to our Treatments page where you can find out all about the dental hygiene and dental health options we have available to you.