Problems communicating with dental health professionals, as well as a lack of consistency in dental health care, have been found as one of the key indicators of the early stages of dementia, according to the British Dental Health Foundation.

The oral health charity last week posted their findings that suggested dental and oral health are among the first elements of healthcare that patients developing dementia struggle with. Coupled with this is an increased difficulty in effectively communicating any problems they may be having to their dentist.

These findings have led the British Dental Health Foundation to recommend that dental professionals now become more sensitive to changes in their patients’ behaviour. These changes may indicate mental health issues and early detection can allow for an effective dental care plan to be put in place as early as possible.

The Alzheimer’s Society in the UK estimates that there are around 850,000 dementia sufferers currently in the UK.  Many of these individuals display poorer dental health than those of a similar age who aren’t dealing with dementia. This is due to a combination of impaired cognitive function and a reliance on carers to assist with personal care.

With the help of dental practitioners, signs that point toward the early stages of dementia development can be spotted then diagnoses can be made earlier. That way care plans across the entire health of an individual can be made earlier, including oral health. This will help to save and secure the integrity of the teeth of thousands of people across the UK.

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