You’ve no doubt heard of Stoptober by now – the month long, Department of Health initiative that encourages smokers to give up for the entirety of the month of October.

Offering motivational texts, handy hints and tips and expert tools all aimed at helping smokers kick the habit for a month and supporting them long after their achievement.

Smoking is one of the UK’s biggest killers and is linked to a number of cancers, including lung, mouth and tongue cancer. Needless to say, giving up as soon as possible helps to lessen your risk of these serious and deadly diseases.

However, giving up smoking has all kinds of extra health benefits that will make your life a whole lot more enjoyable and leave your health in tip top shape!

Wake up and smell the coffee

Cigarette smoke dulls your senses – mainly your sense of smell and taste. Ditch the cigarettes if you want to make the most of all five of your senses and make meal times extra enjoyable with a boosts to your sense of taste and smell.

Break records at the gym

Within the first 2 weeks of giving up smoking you circulation will improve dramatically. If you stick with it, after 12 weeks you’ll start to find any physical activity far easier on your lungs and your blood will be pumping much more efficiently. So pull on your trainers and get to the gym, you’ll be running marathons in no time now that those pesky cigarettes are out of your system!

Say hello to clearer skin

Smoking increases wrinkles, especially around the mouth and eyes. That is no secret. But did you know that stopping smoking has been found to delay the onset of wrinkles? Non-smokers get far more nutrient rich oxygen to their skin, giving you a brighter and younger looking complexion.

Restore confidence in your smile

Couple with the increased risk of developing oral cancers, smoking yellows teeth, causes bad breath and increases your risk of gum disease and bone loss. This is all nasty stuff if maintaining your smile is important to you.  Quitting smoking helps you eliminate these serious risks, as well as freshening your breath and keeping your pearly whites white!

If you’re taking on the Stoptober challenge then we salute you. Giving up smoking is tough but the health benefits far outweigh that effort. It’s worth it when you can truly take advantage of the amazing benefits it has on your health.

If you’re committed to kicking the habit, then why not pop in to Ollie & Darsh’s Liverpool city centre clinic and take advantage of our free consultations. There we can discuss your plan to quit smoking as well as any concerns you have about your oral health.

We can provide tips, advice as well as a full oral cancer screening so you can gain peace of mind while we help you get your teeth back in tip top shape. Get in touch today and we can get your started.

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