One of the first things you’ll notice when you come to visit the team at Ollie & Darsh in our Liverpool city centre clinic is the supportive, caring atmosphere we try to foster. Our clinic is unlike any other and a large part of that is down to our wonderful staff. From our reception team through to our Clinical Directors, the whole clinic works extremely hard to get to know our clients, put them at ease and give them the highest quality care.

We want to give you the chance to get to know some of our fantastic team members so we’re going to be sharing some of their stories with you on a regular basis here on our blog. We’re starting this week with one of our Clinical Assistants, Nicola Baxter.

Nic started with us in 2013, after qualifying as a dental nurse in 2003 and spending 10 years working in NHS clinics across the city. She’s worked in a variety of positions from reception to assisting dentists in clinic.

When she joined Ollie & Darsh as a Clinical Assistant, Nic wanted to further her experience of customer care and she felt that working in a private practice with the reputation of Ollie & Darsh was the perfect place to hone her skills.

Nic said, “I wanted to further my career in a private clinic, and whenever you search on Google, Ollie & Darsh is the first place to come up.”

Since starting at the clinic, Nic has worked alongside Business Manager Suzy Gorman, who has acted as a workplace mentor, training Nic to perform client consultations.  Now, under Suzy’s guidance, Nic is responsible for managing the consultation process when Suzy is away from the office.

“Suzy has really guided me. From watching what she does, I feel like I’ve got more confidence. I’ve learned so much.”

However, Nic is embarking on another role on her life that’s about to start very soon. She went on maternity leave on Friday 6th February to prepare for the arrival of her first baby, due on 11th March.

She’s just bought a house so she’s going to spend the next few weeks preparing everything before the arrival of her bundle of joy. A naturally organised person, thanks to her years of experience as a dental nurse, she’s going to spend time with her Mum making sure everything is in place to welcome the new addition to her family. It’s her Mum’s first grandchild so Nan is sure to be spoiling the little one as soon as he or she makes their appearance.

We’re happy to say that Nic will be joining us again in December after nine months of much deserved maternity leave. We’ll be thrilled to have her back on board at the clinic again, but we’re even more excited at the arrival of a brand new member of the Ollie & Darsh family.

Good luck Nic, see you in December!