Eating is one of the great pleasures of life. If you’re anything like us, eating great food is something to be savoured; tastes, flavours and textures all coming alive meal after meal.

If you have missing teeth then you will know that this can affect your ability to enjoy all of the indulgences that eating has to offer. From difficulty biting to hindered chewing, missing teeth makes the process of eating nothing short of a chore.

With so many great, established restaurants in Liverpool, and with new and exciting additions popping up every week, it would be a great shame for anyone to miss out on the city’s culinary delights. That is why we believe that investing in dental implants will provide you with the perfect chance to rediscover the joys of eating out, especially as Liverpool becomes a foodie’s wonderland!

The technique of having dental implants fitted provides a longer-lasting and cost-effective solution to the slippery discomfort of tradition dentures.  Dental implants are fitted directly into the jaw, where they eventually integrate with your jawbone. This process can take anywhere between 8 weeks to a year in a small minority of cases. This biological process is vital as it ensures that the implants remain stable, helping you to avoid the shifting associated with dentures.

 During this time, any stress or pressure exerted upon the implant can hinder its integration or loosen it from the jaw. That is why it is highly recommended to adopt a diet of softer food for the first few weeks after your implant is fitted, that means the sensitive gum area is less likely to be disrupted and cause you any discomfort.

Hard, crunchy or very chewy foods are best avoided in the early days after your implant is fitted, to avoid impeding the healing process of the implant. Generally speaking that would include raw vegetables, hard fruit such as apples and crunchy snacks like crisps and biscuits.

Once your implant has started to heal after the first one or two weeks you’re free to start rediscovering your favourite foods with the benefit of a restored smile and the security that your implants will function just like normal teeth. Now there’s no excuse not to get out there and enjoy all of the fabulous new restaurants Liverpool has to offer!