Ageing doesn’t have to mean succumbing to dental issues and tooth loss. In fact, advancements in dental technology and treatments have meant that, as a nation, we’re keeping our own teeth for much longer and enjoying a healthy smile well past our 50s.

However, just as young people and teens need to be vigilant in particular areas of their dental care, there are certain risks that increase with age. As with any aspect of your health, prevention is better than cure, so let’s take a look at five crucial things every over-50 should be keeping an eye on when it comes to dental health.

Teeth change with age

Your teeth have a lot to do over the course of your lifetime, so it will come as no surprise that the wear and tear of biting and chewing every day can change them over time. The risk of acid erosion increases over time and teeth gradually become softer and less structurally firm, which leads to a growth in the risk of chipped and cracked teeth. Avoiding food and drink with high sugar content and biting down on very hard foods will help you steer clear of the threat of chipping and cracking teeth.

Avoiding dry mouth

Dry mouth, or the uncomfortable feeling that there is not enough saliva to moisten the inside of the mouth, can be caused by a number of thing – nervousness, changes in hormones or certain medications. It is a common problem among the over-50s and one that should be addressed, not just because it’s unpleasant, but because saliva plays an important role in protecting your teeth from decay. Remaining hydrated and chewing sugar free chewing gum can help stimulate saliva.

Oral cancer risk

As you age, your risk of oral cancer goes up, and if you smoke or drink regularly this risk increases further. Ensure that you are regularly screened for signs of oral cancer to catch any warning signs early and to give you the peace of mind that all is well and being taken care of.

Stained teeth

If you’ve been a fan of a black coffee and cigarette for breakfast for the last 30 years, you may well have noticed that your teeth have started to stain. Even though this is mainly a cosmetic issue, stains that build up on the teeth are signs that plaque is building up and needs to be removed as part of your regular check-ups.

Gum disease and tooth loss

Gum disease is the biggest threat to your dental health and to keeping your teeth. Gum disease can increase over time because bacteria can be left to build up in the gum margins, especially if your brushing technique isn’t reaching the places it needs to. Bacterial infections can grow and the gums weaken and recede, leading to eventual tooth loss. Regular dental check-ups, flossing and an assessment of your brushing technique should ensure your teeth remain healthy and strong for years to come.

Losing your teeth doesn’t have to be a natural consequence of ageing. However, if you have experience tooth loss then there are pioneering tooth restoration technologies available to help you rejuvenate your natural smile.

The All-On-4™ system implant treatment replaces missing teeth by fitting a full dental bridge supported by only four dental implants. A permanent and secure solution that provides an alternative to loose and uncomfortable dentures it really is a cutting edge way to restore missing teeth and keep your smile looking great for years to come.

If you want to experience the life changing effects of All-On-4™ implants then simply get in touch with the team at Ollie and Darsh today to arrange your free initial consultation. Our amazing team will guide you through all the steps involved and will make sure you’re comfortable and well looked after every step of the way.