Anyone who has experienced tooth loss knows that it can have a significant impact on your life. Whether you are missing teeth or you wear traditional dentures to fill the gap, you’ll know that many aspects of your life can be affected by the loss of teeth.

We hear stories from many of our clients about the self-consciousness brought about from missing teeth. Whether it’s having to skip your favourite item on a menu, ill-fitting dentures slipping and clicking mid-conversation or hiding from photos, your social life can take an unpleasant turn very quickly.

When tooth loss occurs, the surrounding bone starts to shrink and becomes increasingly brittle, putting surrounding teeth in danger and increasing the likelihood of a sunken appearance around the mouth and cheeks. Traditional dentures, such as partials or bridges, can actually make this worse. 

The team here at Ollie & Darsh are focused on improving the life of all of our clients, regardless of the condition of their teeth when they first come to us. We know first-hand the transformative power of dental implant therapy. Designed to be a long-lasting, natural looking solution to tooth loss, dental implants give you back the functionality of a regular tooth as well as the confidence of a restored smile.

We take great care to plan the implant process with our clients at every step of the journey. We do everything we can to make the process a comfortable one for everyone that walks through our doors. And it’s absolutely worth it when we see happy people enjoy their confidence soaring for the first time in many years!

If you want to invest in your smile and experience this life-changing treatment then get in touch with the team at Ollie and Darsh to arrange your free consultation. Our friendly and experienced team can explain your next steps and ensure that you’re in caring hands from beginning to end.