Fear and visits to the dentist seem to be inextricably linked for many people. However, at Ollie & Darsh we believe that everyone should have access to dental care and fear should never pose a barrier to that.

We know for many people, they suffer extreme anxiety at the very thought of visiting the dentist. This can stop them from attending regular check-ups with their dentist, which obviously has a detrimental effect on general dental health. It’s estimated that 13% of British people do not attend dental check-ups at all due to fear.

We’ve invested in quality equipment and top flight training that means that even the most wary of clients will be made to feel comfortable enough to enjoy the benefits of the premier dental care we offer.

What’s more, our amazing team do everything they can to make sure that the atmosphere in our city centre clinic is calming, relaxed and tranquil to allow any fears you may have melt away and put you at ease as soon as you visit us.

However, we understand that for some, the idea of dental treatment is still unsettling. In that event, we have the capacity to provide gentle dental sedation to ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable. Our experience team has many years’ experience and is fully trained to deliver sedation options to our clients.

Our dedication to making you feel calm, comfortable and relaxed all contributes to the long-term goal of ensuring all of our clients can attend regular check-ups and benefit from improved dental health without any associated anxiety.

If you’re a nervous patient make sure you pay a visit to our dental sedation page to find out how Ollie & Darsh can ease your fears. And, of course, if you have any questions then please make sure you get in touch with our team who will be able to help you start your journey to transforming your smile!