What do ice hockey, rugby, football and even cheerleading have in common? Well, apart from being captivating sports, popular in nearly every corner of the world, they all carry the risk of tooth loss.

Some of these probably don’t surprise you. Ice hockey and rugby are famous for being higher risk, contact sports. However, less physically intense sports such as cheerleading can actually result in tooth loss, with a number of reported incidents of cheerleaders falling from lifts and losing teeth in the process.

If you regularly indulge in playing your favourite sport, or you’re thinking of taking up a hobby, then make sure you keep your teeth protected with our handy new guide!

Invest in a mouthguard

Pre-formed mouthguards or gumshields are cheap and can be bought at most sports equipment shops on the high street. They can be tricky to get a right fit so aren’t always as effective. However, they provide a cheap and easy to find starting point if you’re just dipping your toe in the water of a new sporting hobby.

Alternatively, you can have a custom- made mouthguard fitted, which will provide the best kind of tooth protection as it’s moulded to your own teeth. More expensive, but definitely more shielding for your teeth out on the field!

Wear the right equipment

If you’re playing a sport that requires headgear – think baseball or hockey – then make sure that you wear proper protective equipment. It will not only keep your teeth safe but also prevent any nasty black eyes or blows to the head.

Dental implants

Despite taking all the necessary precautions, accidents happen sometimes and you could end up with a missing tooth. If you’ve experienced tooth loss because of playing sport there is a way to restore your tooth and get your smiling again. That’s through the dental implant procedure.

Implants present a secure and natural way to restore lost teeth and offer a permanent solution that is far more aesthetically pleasing that the traditional denture route. Implants are fitted directly into the jaw, where they eventually integrate with your jawbone. Individual replacement teeth are then fitted onto the implanted posts. This restores your natural smile with all the functionality of real teeth.

If you’ve experienced tooth loss due to playing sport and want to see how dental implants can restore your smile get in touch with the team at Ollie and Darsh to arrange your free initial consultation. Our experienced team can explain the next steps and make sure you’re in caring hands from start to finish.