Keeping your teeth clean and healthy is never more important than when you’re wearing braces. Straightening your teeth requires both time and money, so during this process you don’t want your dental hygiene to slip and jeopardize all of your efforts.

If you’re thinking of investing in the revolutionary Six Month Smiles treatment then keeping your braces and teeth clean is a must. Follow our handy guide to make sure that your teeth are sparkling clean as well as beautifully straight.

Renew your toothbrush

When you have your brand new Six Month Smiles braces fitted, it’s also time to get a brand new toothbrush. Ideally, you should be replacing your toothbrush every three months anyway. However your braces may cause your toothbrush to wear out more quickly. Be sure to ask your dentist for their recommendation for the best toothbrush to use when you’ve had your braces fitted.

Invest in some extra equipment

When you’re wearing braces with wires, like Six Month Smiles braces, you need to make sure that all food debris is removed that could get caught in those wires. That’s why investing in some interdental brushes is perfect for braces wearers, as the thinner, more precise bristles allows you into the awkward corners created by brackets and wires.

Fix your flossing technique

Flossing is always a must, whether you wear braces or not. However, it takes on particular importance when you are wearing braces because you’re going to notice an extra build-up of food debris. You can get special orthodontic floss that is waxed and so easier to fit underneath your braces’ wires.

Don’t forget regular check-ups!

You’ll have routine check-ups planned with your dentist to make sure everything is going according to plan. However, your dentist can also check that your teeth and braces are properly cleaned, and even offer you luxury dental hygiene treatments to top up your at-home efforts!

It doesn’t have to be a time consuming or complicated process to keep your teeth healthy and your braces clean while you complete your Six Month Smiles treatments. All you have to do is make the extra effort for a few short months to be rewarded with a lifelong beautiful smile.

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