There is no greater obstacle to a wonderful smile than a fear of visiting the dentist. It’s been estimated that one in four of us actually suffer from some form of dental anxiety and for some it actually prevents visits to the dentist entirely.

Your dental health is such a vital and important element of your overall health, so forgoing your dental check-ups could be detrimental to not only the appearance of your teeth but your own wellbeing. If your fear of the dentist is affecting your life then make a change this year and make 2016 the year you say goodbye to dental anxiety and hello to a beautiful smile.

Talk to us

The first step you can take if you’re an anxious patient is to have a conversation with your dentist. By talking to us we can get to understand where your fears lie and how we can help to alleviate your anxiety. We’re here to support you and help you receive the caring dental treatment you deserve. Book your FREE consultation with us today and talk with one of our friendly team to find out exactly how we can help and don’t worry, this will just be a friendly chat and a chance for you to get to know us and how we work here at Ollie and Darsh.

Learn how to relax

Easier said than done, however there are techniques you can try to help you relax and take control of your fear. On your own you could practice techniques designed to control your breathing while shifting your focus away from your fears. The use of music is also a great way to relax and keeps your mind away from the source of your anxiety.

Severe dental anxiety may require more than the techniques above. You can get more support from speaking to a counsellor about your phobia or to a support network for people with similar phobias.  Counselling is free on the NHS for those suffering from severe phobias, and could help you pinpoint the root cause. 

Explore sedation

In extreme cases sedation can be used to help patients feel calm and comfortable during their treatment. Our office provides a relaxing atmosphere as well as the option of dental sedation, helping you to remain calm and feel tranquil rather than fearful. If you’d like to know more about dental sedation and you think it could benefit you, simply get in touch with us here to book your complimentary consultation.

Nothing should stop you getting the beautiful smile you want. This is why here at Ollie and Darsh we not only offer dental sedation but also great value treatments to straighten, brighten and perfect your smile. View all our special offers here including Whitening Wednesdays, offering half price on whitening treatment.

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