Invisalign is one of our most popular treatments here at Ollie & Darsh, and it’s no wonder why. The transformative effect is the ultimate reason for this, and we want to show you that, so you can see for yourself.

Have you always been a little conscious of your smile, and often shied away from the camera? We go on a journey with so many of our clients and each and every one of them say the reason why they’ve decided on the treatment is because they don’t like their teeth or smile.

As a private dental practice made up of a highly professional and passionate team, this is something we hate to hear. However, what we do love doing about that is transforming not only smiles and teeth, but self-esteem and confidence too!

Before our clients have Invisalign, main reasons for deciding on the treatment include an overcrowded mouth, gaped smiles, crooked teeth or a noticeable overbite. These orthodontic imperfections can cause all kinds of different problems. These include general oral hygiene, build up or plaque, rotten gums and self-confidence issues.

Take a look below at a set of before pictures of a handful of our clients, and look out  later in the blog for some after shots!


On initial assessment photographs of your teeth will be taken and moulds will be made. You are then fitted with your bespoke set of aligners that are designed to perfect your teeth over a set period of time. Every couple of months you will attend appointments with us and we will provide you with new aligners that become gradually smaller which work to set your smile straight. 

Take a look below at the clear aligners. This is one of the major benefits of Invisalign, and that’s their almost invisible appearance. 



Both ours and our client’s favourite part of Invisalign is the amazing results we see after the treatment. Improved imperfections, straighter teeth, no gaps, or overcrowding. Once this is achieved then comes that added confidence that gives our clients smiles that are bigger and brighter than we’ve ever seen before!

Take a look, it’s self-explanatory really!

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