Adults and braces don’t often appear in the same sentence. Traditionally braces bare the preconception of only being suited to teenagers. Those protruding and clunky blue/black wires were embarrassing to say the least, but often that wouldn’t even phase teens.

For adults however, braces are probably the least preferred solution for certain orthodontic imperfections. This is where the Six Month Smiles solution comes in, and debunks the myth that braces are for teens only.

A subtle answer to braces

Do you have slight imperfections that affect your teeth, and have always thought you’re passed the typical age for braces? Six Month Smiles is a brace like treatment that offers a far less obtrusive solution to traditional braces, particularly popular among adults.

The braces themselves are made from clear brackets and wires purposely coloured the same as your teeth. Think of it as a camouflage, although not completely invisible they are barely noticeable.

An efficient way to straighten teeth

As adults most of us barely find the time to hit the shops or make plans sometimes. The treatment is perfect for busy lifestyles and if you’re looking for a quick transformation. They can fit right into a busy lifestyle and typically only take 6-9 months.

What’s more is their transformative effect! You almost wouldn’t believe the results, given the short amount of time the treatment takes. Take a look here;

Affordable Six Month Smiles in Liverpool

Lastly, the prospect of dental treatments may flag up money signs in your mind, what with all the other financial commitments you have in your life. That’s exactly why the time to invest in this treatment is now.

What’s great about Six Month Smiles is that it is typically less expensive than tradition braces and other orthodontic treatment plans. So not only will it take you less time to perfect your smile, but it will cost you less too.

In addition to this, for ONE day only in January 2017 we are offering an incredible £1,000 discount on Six Month Smiles. We want to offer everyone the opportunity to transform their smile, confidence and life at a fraction of the price. Sign up today for your free consultation and avoid disappointment, because spaces are filling really quickly!