Have you ever wondered what life might be like with an extra boost of confidence? If after years of shying away from the camera you one day finally embraced the flash, and felt confident showing off a beaming smile.

We have been correcting orthodontic imperfections here at Ollie & Darsh for years and so we really have gotten under the skin of those who suffer with this insecurity. That’s why we love what we do so much, because we are able to join you on a journey that has the most rewarding and life changing outcome.

Invisible braces are our best-selling treatments here in Liverpool and so we thought we would look at why that is and how you can get them. We often hear people asking us how can I get invisible braces, and here’s how.

Six Month Smiles

Gone are the days of grey, chunky and uncomfortable train track braces, and here are the days of Six Month Smiles. This treatment is our discreet alternative to braces that appear almost invisible. The titanium aligners are coloured the same as your teeth, making for a discreet appearance.

So although the treatment takes on a similar principal to traditional braces as a way of straightening teeth, it’s a much less obtrusive treatment!


Our other most popular treatment Invisalign goes one step further away from traditional braces and takes form through clear aligners. The aligners appear like a retainer almost, and their transparent material mean they are basically invisible, meaning you can show off your smile and not your braces!

Have you got a special occasion coming up?

Lots of our clients often come to us looking for a solution to perfect their smile in time for a certain occasion. This could be for a wedding or a big event. We encourage our clients to go ahead with the treatment sooner than later, however just remember both treatments are extremely discreet so you could still attend the occasion while having the treatment!

Do you need the extra boost to apply for your dream job?

Maybe you’re working your way up to a career that will reach its pinnacle through a big pitch, or job interview. Imagine the extra confidence that will radiate once you perfect your smile. There is nothing more professional than a confident smile and room presence.

Take the plunge and make a life-changing decision

So we do always encourage our clients to have a good, long think about having a dental treatment. However, we are here to help you make that decision by giving you all the options available under the sun. That way, you’ll be sure you make the absolute right decision that will in fact change your life!

For one day only in January we will be offering you £1,000 off both of these treatments, and it’s our biggest ever promotion. Book in for your FREE consultation today and take the first step on your journey that will change your life!