There are an abundance of benefits to Six Month Smiles, and so it’s no wonder this has become one of our bestselling treatments. Initially when our clients discover the Six Month Smiles treatment they often presume it is similar to traditional braces.

Granted there are aspects of the treatment that bare similarities, such as their transformative technique through the fitting of wired aligners, but this we can probably reveal is the only similarity.

To give a little more insight into the treatment and its benefits we have compiled our top 5!

  1.      No pulling teeth

We often get asked if the treatment can damage teeth, gums or roots. The answer to this is no, no damage or pain is caused by this treatment, like the pain you would usually associate with traditional braces.

Since the focused attention decreases the length of the treatment, teeth are seldom extracted. This means that there are even fewer risks or chance of damage with Six Month Smiles and no need for pulling teeth.

2.     Suited to older adults

There is a preconception attached to braces that only teens are able to have them. We can also reveal this is not the case. Six Month Smiles can slot straight into your life as a busy adult, whether you’re a full time parent, or dedicated professional.

The treatment is designed to fit straight into your busy schedule without causing any major setbacks to time or other responsibilities.

3. Efficiency

The next benefit is the efficiency and effect of the treatment. The clue is in the name, and they do usually take, on average, six months. In some cases they may take up to 9, but you can see how efficient that still is.

The treatment is highly effective in that amount of time, hence why they are the perfect treatment for busy parents, adults or professionals.

4. Unobtrusive answer to braces

The special nickel titanium wires are the same colour as teeth and do not possess the obtrusive, heavy and uncomfortable metal appearance that “train tracks” do.

This means that regular visits to the dentist to experience the discomfort of tightening is not required and thus makes the treatment a much quicker, more discreet and comfortable one.

5. Life-changing

For anyone who experiences the daily feeling of insecurity because of certain orthodontic imperfections then we want to help you rid that feeling!

Do you have an over-crowded mouth, or possibly have several gaps that you wish you didn’t? Six month smiles can transform your smile to become fuller, whiter and healthier. What better way to do so than with complete discretion and comfort. We mean it when we say this treatment could change your life! See for yourself;


If you think Six Month Smiles is for you we have bags of experience in performing this truly transformative treatment. What’s more our annual £1000 promotion is fast approaching, which means you can get this treatment at a fraction of the price! Check out our treatment page for more information and sign up today to claim your place for January!