Sunday 20th March marked World Oral Health Day – designed to highlight and promote the importance of our dental and oral health. This year’s theme was ‘Healthy Mouth. Healthy Body’ and focused on the vital link between good oral hygiene and its effect on our general health.

This is an important lesson that many of us don’t pay enough heed to. The state of your oral health can actually have a massive bearing on our overall physical health. In light of this years’ campaign we’d like to take a look at some of the most significant ways that your dental health contributes to your overall wellbeing.

Your gums and your heart

Increasing amounts of research are starting to find convincing links between the presence of gum disease and heart function. The link is mainly down to the swelling and inflammation caused by gum disease.  When your gums swell due the presence of infection it disrupts the gum layer. Even the smallest disruption can cause harmful bacteria to get into your bloodstream and trigger inflammation in other parts of the body – including the heart.

Your gums and your lungs

According to research published in the Journal of Periodontology, there is a link between gum health and a healthy respiratory system. The study unveiled that patients with respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia or COPD, had overall worse gum health. This would suggest a link between the two.

While more extensive investigation still needs to be carried out to confirm the link, researchers have proposed a possible relationship between bacteria in the mouth and the risk of developing or worsening respiratory disease.

Your teeth and headaches

Do you ever suffer from irritating and distracting mid-afternoon headaches? It could be down to your teeth. If you suffer from any kind of dental misalignment then it is likely that the pressure exerted when you bite down is unevenly distributed. When your bite is misaligned it means that your jaw muscles never get the chance to relax. That leads to that chronic dull ache you may have been experiencing.

So what has World Oral Health Day taught us? It seems clear that when you take great care of your oral health, you’re doing far more good for your body than simply keeping your smile fit and healthy. The body is an amazing machine in which everything is connected so it stands to reason that overall good health could very well start with our teeth and gums.

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