As we welcome the warmer weather and spring season with open arms, what better time to offer a spring sale on two of our most effective and popular treatments? Our spring time £600 sale is fast approaching so here’s a run-down of exactly why you should get in on this fantastic offer!

At this point in your life, is the idea of braces not for you? Do you think the time for straightened teeth has passed? Well, hold on. Our Invisalign and Six Month Smiles treatments are incredibly popular with adults of all ages.

And, if you’re worried about how clunky braces will look, fear not! Technical advancements mean that these treatments are more discrete than ever. Read on for more information about our treatments and how they’ve changed the lives of so many people.


If your teeth hold you back, you’re lacking in confidence or suffer from low self-esteem then we can completely empathise and understand how this affects your daily life.

The beauty of Invisalign is their almost invisible appearance. The aligners are completely clear so you can wear them during the day without anyone noticing. They are perfect for fixing crooked teeth, gaps in between teeth and overcrowding in the mouth.

Invisalign has been designed for your complete comfort, so they can be easily removed when and where you like. Made from transparent moulds, you can feel completely comfortable and confident when wearing them, a world away from the traditional, painful braces we all remember.

You’ll start the treatment with your first free consultation with one of our Invisalign approved dentists. After an expert examination we will discuss what results you want to see from the treatment and how we can help you achieve these.

As your teeth start to change, we’ll need to change the aligners to keep you on track towards straighter teeth. This will be done every two weeks along with regular check-ups every two months. We’ll keep an eye on your progress and ensure we get the results you want.

The whole treatment will take between nine and 18 months, before you can start dazzling the world with your smile.

Six Month Smiles

This exceptional treatment can give optimum results in just six months. It’s similar to Invisalign with its completely discrete nature and incredible results with uneven or crowded teeth and gaps.

Six Month Smiles braces are comprised of clear wires and brackets using the same principle of traditional braces but again without the pain and noticeable appearance.

You will be cared for throughout your treatment by Clinical Director Daz Singh. As a member on the Board of the European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics, you’ll be in great hands and join the many people whose lives have been transformed by a beautiful new smile.

Whether Invisalign is the right treatment for you, or Six Months Smiles, we can guarantee that either will transform your teeth and leave you amazed by the difference. Don’t shy away from corrective braces or aligners, when these specially designed and perfected treatments can take away any worry about feeling embarrassed or in pain as with typical braces.

Our new offer means you’ll receive £600 off the treatment of your choice. Places are filling up fast and the offer will only remain open for a limited time, so don’t risk the disappointment of missing out and sign up today.

Just head on over to our contact us page, pop in your details and we’ll be in touch to arrange your free consultation. We will look forward to welcoming you on the day!