So as we all know Invisalign®has the power to transform almost any orthodontic imperfection. The treatment is first and foremost associated with its ability to create a straighter and full smile, and this is what makes it such a popular treatment.

As you are all aware our £600 summer sale is only around the corner. So what we want to do is take a look at some of the hidden benefits of Invisalign®so you can really see its worth through the unexpected advantages that come along with the more obvious ones.

Broadly speaking the clear aligners will help you see an overall improvement in your oral health both during and after the treatment.

While wearing your aligners you are required to brush your teeth three times a day. This tends to be an increase on those who don’t wear Invisalign®, so think what that extra brushing each day can do for your overall oral hygiene!

Whereas traditional braces are known to trap food, causing plaque to build up, the removable nature of Invisalign®ensures this doesn’t happen. Thus Invisalign®keeps teeth cleaner and free of plaque.

In terms of the benefits of better oral hygiene once the aligners are off, the treatment is known to create and maintain healthier gums. What the treatment can resolve are crowded teeth or gaps in your smile. Once this is resolved, gums tend to wrap around the teeth more comfortably, which promotes healthier gums that are less prone to inflammation and gum disease.

Similarly, once teeth are straightened by the clear aligners, those ‘hard to reach’ areas get eliminated so that you can remove plaque more thoroughly when brushing. This means your mouth is at a reduced risk of experiencing tooth decay.

We do hope you can see that Invisalign®has a whole host of less obvious assets, and that the treatment really is one of our best sellers for a reason. Head over to our other blog that reveals the benefit of whiter teeth with Invisalign® too. 

Our summer sale on both Invisalign®and Six Month Smiles will last for just one day only on June 9th. Spaces for the promotion will fill up extremely quickly, so don’t wait around and be disappointed, book your spot today so we can guarantee you a space.

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