When people come across or look into our Six Month Smiles treatment they often presume it is similar to that of traditional braces. Granted there are aspects of the treatment that are similar, such as their transformative technique through the fitting of wired aligners, but this is probably the only real similarity.

There are many more hidden benefits to Six Month Smiles in comparison to those of traditional braces. This week’s blog will explain these benefits to help demonstrate to you why this treatment has become one of our most popular here at Ollie & Darsh.

Effect on teeth and gums

A question that is frequently asked is whether or not Six Month Smiles damages teeth, gums, or roots. The answer to this is no, no damage or pain is caused by this treatment, like the pain you would usually associate with traditional braces.

Since the focused attention of the Six Month Smiles brace system decreases the length of the treatment, teeth are seldom extracted. This means that there are even fewer risks or chance of damage.

With that said the materials used for the treatment boast a hidden benefit that is definitely not associated with traditional braces. The special nickel titanium wires are the same colour as teeth and do not have the same heavy and uncomfortable metal “train tracks” that traditional braces do.

This means that regular visits to the dentist and the discomfort of tightening is not required and thus makes the treatment a much quicker, more discreet and comfortable one.

Braces for adults

The second question that is most frequently asked about this treatment is whether or no they are suitable for older customers. We assure you that Six Month Smiles are suitable for anyone of the age of 18 and over. They really do shake the stereotype that braces are just for teens.

For anyone who experiences insecurity from day to day because of certain orthodontic imperfections then we want to help you get rid of that feeling forever!

Do you have an over-crowded mouth or possibly several gaps that you wish you didn’t? Six Month Smiles can transform your smile to become fuller, whiter and healthier. What better way to do so than with complete discretion and comfort?

Our annual summer discount is fast approaching and we will be exclusively offering £600 off either Six Month Smiles or Invisalign, two of our top treatments here at Ollie & Darsh.

Spaces will be limited as the promotion is for one day only on Thursday June 9th 2016, so book your spot today to avoid disappointment. Call us today on 0151 65 910 65 to be added to this exclusive offer and book in for your free consultation now.