Invisalign® is undoubtedly one of our best-selling treatments thanks to its discreet nature and ability to slot right into the busiest of schedules. This is a treatment that can have maximum effects with minimal visibility or change to your hectic day-to-day life.

The aligners can be removed easily to eat, brush, and floss you teeth. Not only do they function in a way that’s unassuming in your every-day life, but they are also practically invisible. This feature is designed to slot right into your life with minimal fuss, while having a completely transformative effect on various orthodontic issues that may have left you feeling insecure.

Take an every-day scenario, like going to work, going to a meeting, the pub or shopping. Any of these situations needn’t be any different with Invisalign®.

Returning to the dating scene? 
Perhaps you are getting back into dating, and fear that they may impact your desired look. Fear not, because the clear plastic, bespoke moulds have been designed for ultimate discretion. You will be able to see results in a much shorter period of time compared to traditional braces. All while barely even noticing them there.

Do you have a reunion planned?
Are you wanting to turn up to a reunion and wow everyone with your new look? Invisalign® can ensure that even before the end of the treatment you will start to notice a difference. And one we can guarantee the people who haven’t seen you in a while will notice too.

Work presentation or interview coming up?
Don’t let this dissuade you from investing in this transformative treatment. Whether the presentation or interview is coming up during your treatment or at a later date, Invisalign® can fit right in to your life. Think of that extra confidence that will radiate in your presentation when you have no gaps and a straighter smile?

Are you partial to a coffee in the morning or a red wine in the evening? 
Providing you wear your clear aligners between 20 and 22 hours a day then you will still see maximum results. The removable nature of the aligners means you can simply remove them as quickly as you can boil the kettle or open that bottle of wine.

Each bespoke aligner is specially designed for your comfort and confidence, whether you have gaps in your teeth, an overcrowded mouth or misaligned teeth. This treatment takes the same principle from traditional braces, but has been developed to seamlessly fit into your life in a discreet and non-intrusive way.

They are suitable for a range of needs and requirements and can fit right into any lifestyle immediately.

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