Do you have missing teeth? Have missing teeth had a significant impact on your life and your overall confidence? Well the team here at Ollie & Darsh could have the perfect solution for you.

However you may have lost teeth, either through decay or accident, missing teeth should never have a negative impact on your life. That’s why we recommend dental implants as a long-lasting and discreet solution to restoring you back to full smile health!

Implants involve a speedy procedure that implants a titanium post into the jawbone where you’re missing a tooth. This procedure is relatively pain free and you will be given a local anaesthetic to deal with any discomfort.

Then, individually designed replacement teeth are screwed into the implanted posts to restore your smile to its beautifully natural state with the added benefits of full functionality. 

Dental implants provide a long-term, cost-effective and naturally beautiful looking solution. With implants you’ll not have to worry about replacements either.

What’s more, your social life is set to transform! Have you been missing out on some of your favourite foods or meals? You won’t have to worry after implant therapy. Dental implants are tough and sturdy and able to tackle even the crunchiest, chewiest or complicated meals. All your favourite menus are back on the table.

If you’re interested in restoring your dream smile to its natural beauty and you want to understand the radical impact of dental implants the please do contact the team at Ollie and Darsh  to arrange your free consultation. Our amazing team can guide you through the next steps so you’ll be in caring hands from beginning to end.