So you’ve taken the time, money and sometimes courage to invest in a corrective dental treatment. You’ve made the big decision and by now you’ve probably decided which payment plan suits you best (I’ll be going into more detail on this later).

Now you need to familiarise or get to know – if you didn’t, how to look after your teeth when you decide to have our Six Month Smiles treatment. We want to educate you in this blog on the best ways to keep your teeth clean, how to get the best out of the treatment and best practices when receiving it.

Take a break from harsh coloured foods

Generally we discourage dark coloured food and drink for dental hygiene in general, so things like red wine, pungent curries – that sort of thing. Now more than ever when having the treatment we suggest you take a break from these foods to save the discolouration of your brace and wires.

Regularly update your toothbrush

Ideally we recommend you replace your toothbrush every three months anyway. However your braces may cause your toothbrush to wear out more quickly. We suggest you do so every 1-2 months.

Better still – go with an interdental toothbrush

With Six Month Smiles braces you need to make sure that all food debris is removed that could get caught in those wires. Investing in some interdental brushes is the answer to this. They are thinner, more precise bristles that allow you to get into the awkward corners created by brackets and wires.


You’re probably going to notice an extra build-up of food debris when you receive 6MS. You can get special orthodontic floss that is waxed making it easier to fit underneath your braces’ wires which will take care of that debris.

Don’t miss your check-ups!

You’ll have routine check-ups planned in with us throughout the duration of your treatment to make sure everything is going according to plan. We will check that your teeth and braces are properly cleaned, and even offer you luxury dental hygiene treatments to top up your at-home efforts!

Payment Plans

So as mentioned at the start of this post, at Ollie & Darsh we offer tailored payment plans which makes this treatment much more affordable and manageable.

We offer a monthly payment plan, meaning the treatment works out at £112.50 p/m, or if you’d prefer weekly payments this will come in at £28.12! What’s more, our daily payment plan costs just £4.01! Have a think about which would suit you best, and sign up before the end of the month to receive a staggering £1,000 off either Six Month Smiles, or Invisalign – our two best-selling treatments!

Sign up here, or call us today on 0151 65 910 65 to book in for your free consultation.