Did you know that straightening and brightening your teeth can lead to a whole host of unexpected health advantages, as well as cosmetic ones? Our dental enhancing treatments can provide the key to a brighter smile, healthier gums as well as fewer headaches believe it or not! 

We often hear stories from many of our clients who have struggled with confidence issues in the past because of their teeth. Whether this be avoiding smiling in photographs, or even a lack of confidence when talking to others out of fear of exposing their teeth. At Ollie & Darsh, we’re determined to alleviate these worries for our clients. We strive to provide everybody we treat with a smile they can wear with pride, not embarrassment.

Many people simply do not realise the fantastic confidence boost that investing in a straighter and brighter smile can give you. Over the years we’ve provided countless clients with unrecognisable results to lift their self-esteem sky high, as well as educating them in best practises when it comes to dental health and aftercare.  Our renowned services have been recognised with several oral health awards and our list of satisfied clientele is ever growing.

We believe a perfectly straight smile is something everybody should have the opportunity to feel confident about and even has the potential to change your life. That’s why right now we’re offering an astonishing £1000 off our fantastic Invisalign or Six Month Smiles treatments - a truly incredible offer that shouldn’t be missed! Reserve your FREE consultation spot with us today. Get in touch online, or give us a call on 0151 65 910 65. One of our dedicated dental professionals will be on hand to answer any of your queries and talk you through each treatment - we can’t wait to hear from you!