Improve Your Confidence by Improving Your Smile

It might just be a little chip or a slightly wonky tooth that no one else notices – but you do. It might be that you’ve neglected your teeth for so long that it seems impossible now to visit the dentist. Either way everyone smiles in photos – but you don’t.

Having a smile that you’re not proud of can really affect your self-esteem.  This is why we ask you how you feel about your smile on a scale of 1 – 10 when you first contact us.  Missing, stained, or crooked teeth can lead to people not smiling at all, embarrassed of what others will think of their oral imperfections. However, a good cosmetic dentist can help repair your teeth in a variety of ways.

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At Ollie and Darsh we will never judge your smile. We will listen to how you feel about your smile at your free consultation and, following an assessment, we will present you with a bespoke treatment plan to address these problems. Some things may be essential for the health of your teeth and other treatments may be ‘nice to haves’ to boost your confidence.  We can help with an affordable payment plan too.

Once your mouth is healthy and stable, we can recommend cosmetic dentistry to boost your confidence. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive treatment; you could get your teeth whitened to help let you show your smile off more. We offer a 50% discount on teeth whitening on Wednesdays at the moment and home whitening is FREE when you complete a teeth straightening treatment.

A comprehensive hygiene treatment using our Air-Polish system is a great way to remove plaque build-up and tough stains from tobacco, tea and coffee. This is quick treatment that will have an immediate effect.

If you have a small chip or a tooth that is broken we can build this up with dental bonding or by using a veneer. If your teeth are all very worn then veneers on your front teeth can transform their appearance.

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Straightening your teeth is also much more discreet now with clear or removable options. Depending on the severity, they can also work much more quickly than traditional ‘train track’ metal braces. 

Whatever treatment you decide upon the first thing to do is to find the confidence to contact us. We want you to have smile you’ve always wanted.

Suzy will be happy to have a no-obligation chat through your options. You can make a reservation by using our online form or calling 0151 236 6578.

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