Many people find the restrictions of dentures frustrating, especially when it comes to chewing foods and not being able to eat foods you used to love, not to mention the fact that they can be instable and even painful. Biting into an apple for example can be a daunting experience and for the majority simply not possible.

If this sounds familiar, then All-On-4 Same Day Smiles™ could be just what you need.

All-on-4 uses a full dental bridge and only 4 implants to replace missing teeth. The benefit of having needing only 4 implants means shorter treatment time and lower cost.

All-On-4 Same Day Smiles™ allow you to leave the practice, with a new smile and able to resume your day-to-day life immediately. Temporary provisional teeth can be worn for 6 months while the healing process takes full effect then a final bridge is placed. Once the final bridge is placed, apples and all of your favourite foods will once again be available to you!

There is also a removable option, which is great for keeping them clean but has a slightly reduced chewing function. If you need multiple dental implants it can be worth considering the convenience and speed of treatment All-on-4 provides.

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