Dental veneers? A term I doubt that many knew before the advent of makeover shows such as Extreme Makeover or 10 years younger, but the more shows there are of this calibre and the more they get repeated on Living TV (then an hour later, just in case you missed it!). It is quite safe to say that this term is the public consciousness. Dental veneers are in fact thin ceramic shells that are bonded onto teeth change the shape and or colour of it.

People seem to know that ‘they can make mysmile straight & that they can make them whiter’. Indeed for some it appears to be an aspiration of some to have this treatment.

Placing cosmetic dental veneers to correct misshapen teeth or even to mask heavily discolored teeth is a fantastic way to improve confidence through improving the smile. What is important however is that it’s not right for everyone.

At our dental clinic in Liverpool city center we provide free assessments for those looking to have smile design / cosmetic veneers and indeed to see of those who are looking for it are suitable.

It all starts with a conversation and a coffee.

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