Movie stars and musicians invest in themselves to make sure they are the perfect product for their adoring fans and often, one of their move improved aspect is their teeth. Having their ‘Hollywood Smile’ helps to make them more marketable and gives them a boost in confidence to help them talk in front of large crowds.

Everyone will need a dentist at some point in their lives. Some of those will need some orthodontic work completing, and the rich and famous are no exception. Thanks to the likes of Invisalign, they can achieve a stunning smile without necessarily having to let everyone know about it! Due to the discreet clear aligners of this treatment, it’s easy to see why celebrities have adopted this method. In fact, look close enough and you will notice some celebs wearing Invisalign on the red carpet!

Here are some of the famous faces you may not have known got their gorgeous smile from Invisalign.


At the UK premiere of Never Say Never in 2011, then 16-year-old Justin Bieber, flashed his Invisalign aligners to a red carpet full of photographers. There’s also a video of him taking his Invisalign aligners out: 



After becoming engaged, Katherine Heigl decided to invest in straighter teeth using Invisalign. She hasn’t been shy about the treatment and even pulled out her aligners mid-TV interview to show how easy they are to use!



When Cheryl Cole originally started work on transforming her smile, an Invisalign aligner was part of her makeover. She admitted in an interview to sometimes forgetting to wear the aligner and hoping her dentist didn’t read the article!



The singer has admitted to reporters that she wears braces. When the reporter questioned: “You wear braces?” she immediately flashes a smile, and responds with “Invisalign”.



Supermodel Gisele admitted to Elle Magazine that her Invisalign aligners are part of her toiletry bag essentials, and the treatment has helped improve her appearance in many photoshoots.

If you’d like to achieve a Hollywood smile of your own, get in touch with Ollie & Darsh who can advise on Invisalign treatments.