Can you remember what you received for Christmas last year? Chances are, you have forgotten who or what you received this time last December. But, the key to buying for someone – especially if they are one of those people who are notorious difficult to buy for – and having them remember what you bought them it making sure they are reminded of it every single day. Here at Ollie & Darsh, we think that the gift of a new smile is the answer.

Think about it. When we look at the rich and famous and look back to before they were in the spotlight, what is one thing that is different about them – ignoring the sports car they are now driving. Sure, they might have a lovely new haircut and a tan from their holiday home, but it’s also common to see a brand new smile.

Aside from teeth whitening, teeth straightening is one way to dramatically change the look of your smile. Although many years ago some may have been put off by the unsightly metal braces which are so famous for obtaining this result, our Six Month Smile treatment is a specialised clear treatment so the patient can gradually gain a straighter smile, without anyone even knowing they’re receiving treatment. Six Month Smile uses a low amount of pressure to move teeth into the ideal position, and it’s suitable for those with spaced or crowded teeth alike.

If you want to grab yourself a bargain, Ollie & Darsh are offering £1000 off this treatment on 31st January 2013, so if you book your recipient in now, you will be able to get this wonderful gift for a fraction of the price. It will surely be a gift they’ll never forget.

We are highly experienced in fitting six month smiles, check our experience on the official six months smile website – the stars represent our experience and number of cases we have carried out.