More and more lately our clients are coming in and sharing their confidence issues and telling us that they wish to be ‘Neat and Clean’ as a major part of their char­ac­ter is to inter­act­ with the peo­ple around them, and this requires an approach­able appear­ance.

Whether conscious or not, body language and personal upkeep are intangibles that everyone judges, this can affect us in many areas of our lives such as during interviews or while dating and it seems that good teeth seem to separate the successful from the not so successful. While tooth care is not exactly something to be passionate about, it is something that can only help your chances of success.

We recommend that everyone should spend the small amount of time and money nec­es­sary to ensure healthy teeth.  It is one of the eas­i­est rou­tines to fol­low, as daily brush­ing and floss­ing takes less than fif­teen min­utes. Pro­fes­sional check­ups and twice yearly are also easy enough to arrange.

Reg­u­lar main­te­nance should also stave the cost and pain of more extensive treatments  and other more seri­ous con­di­tions, and ignor­ing your teeth alto­gether will only cause suf­fer­ing later.

So if you remem­ber noth­ing else:

  1. Good body lan­guage is essen­tial, and a con­fi­dent smile is the eas­i­est to control
  2. Don’t let self con­scious beliefs limit other aspects of your being
  3. Take con­fi­dence in each small, but pos­i­tive step you make
  4. Tak­ing your time in any­thing, includ­ing selecting the right dentist
  5. Don’t be blinded by mass beliefs