I talk a lot about confidence. Ask any of my fellow BNI Premier colleagues and they will know what I mean.
My opening few lines when I present my 60 seconds to my fellow BNI’ers will follow:

‘Most people call me a dentist but what I actually do is help improve peoples confidence through improving their smile’

So what does that mean?

Sometimes, one’s self-confidence can emanate from their smile.

My first experience of this is when I was completing work experience in the Orthodontic suite in what was then known as the Derby Royal Infirmary. Orthodontic treatment by its very nature takes time and the photographs taken of patients when they first started compared to where they finished showed this point in its element. At the end of treatment you would notice that patients had changed their hair, removed their glasses and the shape of their smile had changed as well.

It wasn’t until I met Chris Barrow (my coach) who helped me put this into words

So, how can we help clients regain their confidence?

Everyone that has a particular dislike of their smile could be due to their teeth being:

  • Discoloured or stained
  • Mis-shaped
  • Chipped or Broken
  • Crooked

Everybody who comes to Ollie & Darsh has the opportunity, for free to come in and discuss what it is about their smile they feel affects their self- confidence. A simple discussion often to open options of treatment. The possibilities are endless as are the number of problems to begin with, what stays the same however is the ability to help change the confidence through restoring your smile.