When you come to the end of your Invisalign treatment you will gently move on the retainer stage of your treatment. It is very important to wear them as prescribed by Ollie and Darsh, which is 6 months for 22 hours per day, 6 months night time wear and once you move on to your third set you can wear a few night per week over night or maybe while watching TV or reading.

We wanted to share some the frequently asked questions we get asked by our clients at Ollie and Darsh once they are up to the retainer stage

Will wearing retainers be painful?

Some people can experience a slight ‘soreness’, this is normal. If the soreness does not go away after a couple of days please call us for advice.

Is it ok to drink hot or cold drinks while wearing retainers?

No, except for water. We recommend that you do not eat or drink while wearing your retainers. This is to avoid any cavities forming or stains, and warping of the retainers that can occur if you have extremely hot drinks.

Can I chew gum?

No, the gum will stick to the retainers. We recommend removing your retainers for all meals and snacks.

Will smoking stain the retainers?

We discourage smoking while wearing your retainers because of the possibility of discolouration.

What if I lose my retainer?

In the event that your retainer has been lost or broken, you should immediately contact your dentist and new ones can be ordered on your behalf

What if I forget to wear my retainer?

Failure to wear your retainer for the required number of hours per day can affect the ability to maintain desired results.

What should I do if my new retainer’s don’t fit?

Retainers should fit comfortably and should not be forced into place. In the event of significant problems with retainer fit, discontinue use and immediately contact Ollie and Darsh.

We hope this helps, if you have additional questions after reading this, please contact us at any time

Kind regards