Today we were warmly greeted by Nic Gresty who was able to present to Suzy our 500 Invisalign completed cases Plinth (they call it a plaque, it weighs more than Stonehenge!). Since we opened in November 2008 and decided to make Invisalign and GDP focused orthodontics a feature treatment of the clinic, as a team we have worked towards this.

For us as a clinic, this has been a milestone we have been aiming to achieve.  We like to have goals and we’re delighted that our team – both past and present members – have been able to help us deliver that goal.

The most important people to thank are our clients at Ollie & Darsh. Not only those whom have chosen to have the treatment with us but also those whom have taken the time to visit us in all capacities, it is as much as testament to them as it is to anyone else.

We now look onwards. Whilst we are proud of being the first 500 Invisalign provider in Liverpool, we now strive to new milestones, and continue to look gratefully at the support of our team and our clients.