I came across this article last week about a super model who is wearing Invisalign

Possibly one of the biggest and most widely known celebrity is Gisele Bunchen, you can read it here where she talks of wearing her retainers at the nighttime and how she used Invisalign to correct a tooth that was casting a shadow when photos were taken.

At our Liverpool City centre dental clinic we have done over 140 cases of Invisalign in the past 12 months and a common affliction is of one noticing that on a photograph their tooth causing a dark appearance on a photograph because it is not completely in line with the other teeth.

On the 28th of January, Ollie & Darsh will be hosting an Invislaign Open Day where there will be a massive 20% off the price of Invisalign. The places on this open day are filling up fast and if you want to take advantage of the offer call our Liverpool City Centre Dental Clinic on 0151 65 910 65.

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