One of our patients, Nikos Papadopoulos has kindly agreed to keep a diary detailing his experience at Ollie and Darsh. Nikos is having Invisalign treatment, it is our hope that this diary will answer any questions you may have, as well as give the honest opinions of a real person, what they think of the treatment process, what they think of us and of course how they feel about the final result. This is part one and we will be posting regular updates throughout the treatment as we receive them from Nikos.

Invisalign Diary – Part 1

I always wanted to have a nice smile. I tried braces when I was a child but they didn’t manage to achieve the result I always wanted.

Every day on my way to work, when I was going out, when I was on holiday, it was always on my mind.
Going to work every day, following the same route, getting on the same train, seeing the same people on the train every day can be a very boring experience. Even when I was in Liverpool Central station, the scenario was the same with no interesting messages on the advertising boards on the way up and down the escalators….till one day when I saw an advert for the Ollie and Darsh clinic and about the aligners they offer that can give you a great smile.

I was really shocked, so as I was going up the escalators I tried to memorise the website address, then I saved it in my mobile as a text message and as soon as I arrived at work I logged into the internet as I was so curious to find out all about it. It didn’t take me long to send my details to book an appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION. I liked the idea Then I received an email back from a lady called Suzy confirming the time and the date. Suzy was a lovely tall, lady with a big smile and I have to admit she is one of the nicest and politest people I have ever met.
Suzy showed me around the practice, she offered me a coffee ( I was too shy to say yes) and I followed her into her office where we started a chat about life and our holidays. I liked her even more as she told me she loves going to Greece for her holidays and me being Greek I felt good about it (we now share Greek recipes regularly!)

The clinic looked amazing and you would never be able to tell you are in a dentist. Suzy explained everything about Ollie and Darsh to me, the service, the costs then she gave me a little card with her details for me to call her back if I wanted to. It took me only a few seconds to decide I wanted to go ahead with the treatment so I ran out in the rain to get the deposit from the cash machine. Then I came back, gave it to her and I suppose we were both satisfied me knowing I am doing the right thing for my new smile.

Few days later she called me to go back to see the results of my clinic check with the dentist called Ollie. Such a gentleman, he explained everything to me, he showed me on the screen how my new smile will look, he told me NO PAIN AT ALL during the treatment, as I don’t like dentists general and the most important as I was amazed with my future new look I said the BIG YES. He pressed the magic button on his pc, he then sent the information to some great people in America to start preparing my aligners. I left all excited and the next day I went on holidays back to Greece to get some more sun as I was sick of waiting here all summer to get tanned!

When I came back 2 weeks later the aligners were here so as soon as I got a day off I got an appointment for 10am for my first fitting. I was there for ten to ten as I didn’t want to be late as I was very nervous but excited at the same time.

I was taken to the treatment room and they introduced me to Darsh a lovely lady dentist. Half an hour later and before I realised it she had finished the treatment. I couldn’t get the aligners in at first so Darsh helped me.

Well the first night took me 30 minutes to take them in and out, then I decided to go on a serious diet as I wasn’t willing to spend all that time worrying, will they break will they not?

Suzy made me feel better as she emailed me a few times throughout the day asking how I was getting on, such a polite lady, I couldn’t believe it.

Well 3 days later and I am still on a diet Suzy, lost one kilo so far but at least it doesn’t take me so long to put my aligners in and to take them out.

I will keep you informed and let you know how I get on during this fantastic experience and still, nobody at work has noticed I am wearing aligners! It’s great and I don’t have enough words to say thank you to all the staff and the 2 girls that were next to me trying to give me advices what to do and not to do with the aligners.

We will be following Nikos and posting updates throughout the course of the treatment so make sure you check back for updates.

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