We are following one of our patients, Nikos Papadopoulos, as he has Invisalign treatment at Ollie and Darsh.  In Part 1 of his Invisalign Diary, Nikos described how he discovered Ollie & Darsh, his initial consultation at our city centre practice and his first experiences of wearing the aligners.  We have just received an update from Nikos, so now it’s time forpart 2 of his Invisalign Diary.  If there is anything mentioned by Nikos in his diary that you would like to know more about or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

Hello, it’s me again and time for part two of my Invisalign Diary.

Its 2 weeks since I put in my first aligners, and before I realised, it was time for me to try my second ones.   I was very stressed as I always seem to get for some reason (being a Mediterranean person I should take things more slowly) but it’s not as easy as we all know living in the UK.

I thought I would have to spend another 30 minutes in front of the mirror trying to put my new aligners in and practice taking them out again and as they were new I wasn’t really looking forward to this experience.   Also, on Wednesday morning I had a big meeting with my boss and some other people from the head office so I decided to wait until the evening when I would be home and more relaxed. Ok,  I think Ollie and Darsh might tell me off for that as I was wearing my first aligners 24 hours more than I was supposed to do but I am sure Suzy will back me upon this!( Ok I might have to give her another Greek recipe first!)

It was a lot easier I have to admit to change them this time even though they did feel a bit tight for the first couple of hours as you would expect them to but I quickly got used to them.  However, it didn’t take me too long in front of the mirror and after a very stressful day at work I was relieved with my skills. 

I love it as no one knows I am wearing them unless I tell them and I often catch myself looking at my teeth in the mirror these days.  I know it’s still early to see any results but day by day I get so excited about it!

You may be getting bored of me saying the same things but I have to say that the entire team has been excellent with me and I would so recommend Ollie and Darsh to you all.

The best place I have ever been, with the best staff ever, who support you so much and the best and most friendly dentists I have ever met before in my life. Thank you guys for all your help so far.

We will be following Nikos and posting updates throughout the course of the treatment so make sure you check back for updates.

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