Hello everyone, yes it’s me again with an update my diary that I started 8 weeks ago. It seems like such a long time ago now and yesterday I changed my 4th set of Invisalign aligners without any trouble at all. Ok, it took me maybe a minute or so and in 2 weeks time I am going back to the clinic to receive some more sets and I won’t be letting anyone help me put them on, I am a big boy and I can do it on my own now 

I still remember sometimes the first time, the first day I had to try and do it by myself, it was a nightmare, but then again i had Suzy who supported me so much and she motivated me to get the confidence to do it on my own.

Yes I know it’s only a small update this time but I will tell you more next time after my second visit to the clinic where hopefully I will get some positive news from Ollie and Darsh about the progression of my treatment.
In the meantime if some of you are thinking about it, please stop and run over as you won’t be disappointed at all…. it’s a great place with a great team that will do everything and anything for you.