We are well into the New Year now and it’s time to post an update we have received from one of our clients, Nikos Papadopoulos who has kindly agreed to keep a diary of his experiences throughout his Invisalign treatment here at Ollie & Darsh.  Nikos is providing a ‘patient side view’ of the treatment and we hope by following his blog it may answer some questions you may have about the Invisalign treatment.

Hello Everyone,

This is just a quick update on my diary and the progress of my teeth since I decided to visit Suzy and Ollie and Darsh 6 months ago.  Yes the time goes so quick and in all these 6 months the support I have had and all of the support I continue to receive from all these guys is incredible.

A few weeks ago when I was ready to change my 11th set of aligners I realised that something was wrong as I could see a small gap between the back end of my teeth and the aligners.

That made me a bit self-conscious as anyone could notice I was wearing something on my teeth and I certainly didn’t like the idea of it.  So I decided to email Suzy and she suggested that I go down to the practice the next morning so they could have a look at it and so I did. I also have to say that I emailed her very late in the evening and I was in there the next morning for 8am!

Ollie after he examined my teeth managed to move the attachments and now everything is perfect again.  All I wanted to say is that nothing is too much trouble for these guys who will do everything for you and they will meet 100% of anyone s expectations.

I am so looking forward to my perfect smile in a year’s time more and more now and I know that when I move back to Greece one day I will be so proud to say that I met the nicest people I could ever hope to meet, who helped me to achieve one of the biggest goals in my life.


Foundation & Co.