It’s time to post an update we have received from one of our clients, Nikos Papadopoulos who has kindly agreed to keep a diary of his experiences throughout his Invisalign treatment here at Ollie & Darsh.  Nikos is providing a ‘patient side view’ of the treatment and we hope by following his blog it may answer some questions you may have about having Invisalign treatment.

Hello everyone.

It was exactly 7 months ago when I first visited Ollie and Darsh and had my first chat with Suzy.  Seven months later I feel a lot more confident about my teeth and I know that I haven’t seen anything yet as the treatment may continue for a while yet, however, I am so excited about the final result
I have had my aligners changed and am on set number 14 and I only have one more set left for my lower teeth which looks almost perfect.

Now I am so looking forward to meeting my Sister who is coming over all the way from sunny warmGreece toLiverpool for the festive period of Easter, and to tell her all about it , show her my teeth and make her feel impressed a lot which I am sure she will be.  It’s the first time I will be able to show a member of my family theprogressof my teeth and I can’t wait because it’s something I always talk about every time I call them and now this is my chance to show them in real life this amazing experience.  Again this experience wouldn’t be amazing at all if I didn’t have this team to support me all the way through.

On my behalf I would like to wish them the very best of luck for their new place and I am sure very soon it will be full of new clients who will achieve the perfect smile.  I wish all of you a Happy Healthy Easter and yes please stay here and I will update you in a few weeks time how impressed the Greeks were  after their visit here in Liverpool