We are approaching the summer now and it’s time to post an update we have received from one of our clients, Nikos Papadopoulos who has kindly agreed to keep a diary of his experiences throughout his Invisalign treatment here at Ollie & Darsh.  Nikos is providing a ‘patient side view’ of the treatment and we hope by following his blog it may answer some questions you may have about the Invisalign treatment.

Hello everyone

Its nearly 5 weeks since I was here trying to update you about my Ollie and Darshexperience and today is the last time I have decided to write you a bit more ….Not because I have decided not to continue anymore, not because I am near the end of my treatment..but because it’s time for me to try something new so in few weeks times fingers crossed if everything goes according the plan you will be able to see me on camera talking to you instead of writing  Its something new, and certainly it will be the first time in my life that I am trying to convince the camera to be good to me …so I would hope for your sympathy too

The story with my aligners continues and it’s been nearly a year now , and I have no words really to say thank you to all the team and everything they did and they continue to do for me ( especially to Suzy, Ollie and Shannie, what would I do without you guys…) Through my experience since last september I had the chance to share their thoughts about the expansion of Ollie and Darsh and now their new lounge is looking just amazing…exactly as amazing as the customer service they offer.

I wouldn’t like to repeat again the same things every time , thats why I will keep my emailsimple this time and I would like to remind you that next time you hear from me it will be a very special time and hopefully a nice surprise for all of you … till then please stay here as I am sure you wont be disappointed.