Ollie and Darsh are definitely the best dentists that I have ever been too.

Apart from the skilled dentistry performed, the staff there are great, they are friendly, informative, they are knowledgeable. And in my own personal experience the customer service is second to none.

When you have an appointment at Ollie and Darsh, they actually see you at your appointment time; you don’t end up waiting for half an hour or more to be seen as experienced elsewhere.

One of the things I like about Ollie and Darsh is that they genuinely do want to give you the best treatment options which are suitable for your own personal needs.

In my case this was Invisalign, I can genuinely say that having looked into this treatment prior going to see Ollie,  that Ollie and Darsh have the best deal available on the market.

The surgery and waiting areas are fantastic, you wouldn’t believe that you were actually in a dentist.

I particularly liked the fact that you could watch TV while being treated, it doesn’t actually feel like you are at the dentists when you visit Ollie and Darsh. And I would genuinely advise you that if you’re looking for dental treatment at the moment, Ollie and Darsh is the place to go.