We are following one of our patients, Lauren, as she has Invisalign treatment at Ollie and Darsh.  Here is her latest installment and a picture of her Big Brace Countdown Thermometer!

So I’ve hit the half way mark – and it has flown by!

I am now five months into my treatment and I’m proudly sporting a gap in between my two front teeth – proof that Invisalign is slowly moving my teeth into a perfect smile! Apart from the gap, my teeth don’t look much different from the front, but the change in the side profile is phenomenal. My sticky out teeth are being brought into line and for the first time ever I can touch my top front teeth with my bottom teeth. Amazing!

Most days, my aligners are really easy to manage – Monday to Fridays are the best as I am in work and set into a routine. The weekend on the other hand can be a little more difficult! Family meals, drinks with friends and trying to eat on-the-go whilst shopping in town all pose new challenges – but you soon get into the habit of planning your day with Invisalign in mind. I know that it is really important to wear my aligners for 22 hours a day to ensure that my ClinCheck becomes a reality.

Five months in and I’ve tackled a new job, Christmas and even Spanish lessons without my Invisalign getting in the way of things. Five months left to go and I have a hen party, a trip to Madrid and a day at the races to look forward to – but I’m confident that my Invisalign won’t stop my fun! In fact, my Invisalign has made me more confident as I can see my new smile emerging every single day.

Finally, as I mentioned to Ollie at my last appointment, I’m keeping myself motivated with a ‘Big Brace Countdown’ thermometer (picture below) that I keep on my desk in work – it is a little bit silly but marking off the months is really exciting and makes the last five months seem really close!!!