The aim of the Invisalign Diaries is to get some real views and opinions on the Invisalign treatment from the patient side of things. We hope you find them useful, we certainly enjoy reading them and we hope you do too.

Our new blogger is Lauren, like Nikos she is having Invisalign treatment at Ollie and Darsh and this is her first post.

Hello. My name is Lauren and I’m 26 – after speaking with Ollie at my last check up he suggested writing a blog for the Ollie & Darsh website so that I can let you know how my Invisalign treatment is going and pass on some ‘hints and tips’ that might help you through your treatment too. So here it goes…

I have to admit, I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to my teeth and I had pretty much given up on them looking as I wanted – the fear of drills and a bit of claustrophobia had kept me away from the dentist for a good few years! But I have always dreamed about having a ‘Hollywood Smile’(!!!) – straight, white teeth.

I have two really prominent front teeth and I always wanted to get them straightened out, but I really didn’t want the traditional ‘traintrack’ braces at the age of 26! I was a bridesmaid for my cousin a couple of months ago, and one of the other bridesmaids told me about her ‘invisible’ braces. She had them in while she was talking to me and you really could not see them – I was hooked and made an appointment at Ollie & Darsh for a free consultation with Suzy the very next day.

I was a bit scared arriving at the clinic, but to be honest it wasn’t like any other dentist surgery I’ve been to – more like a boutique hotel! Suzy greeted me and took me to her office where she explained the whole treatment to me and showed me the ‘amazing invisible braces’. I was shocked that such thin devices could help me get my Hollywood smile! Suzy explained that a Clincheck would show me exactly what could be achieved with Invisalign.

The Clincheck was a quick and painless experience – X-rays, impressions and photos – that’s pretty much it! Ollie sent everything over to Invisalign in America and a week later I was back at Ollie & Darsh to see the results. I was astounded!!! My perfect smile was achievable – and the best part, it was only going to take 44 weeks!!! I signed up straight away and went on holiday knowing exactly what I was going to be able to achieve with Invisalign.

When I returned from holiday, I got the call from Suzy to let me know that my aligners had arrived – I was really excited but also scared as to what was coming next. As part of my treatment, I had to have a number of ‘attachments’ fitted to my teeth – 8 on the uppers and 6 on the lowers – to help rotate my teeth into position. Additionally, in order to get my teeth in the right position, I needed extra space between my teeth which would be achieved through IPR or to me and you, tooth shaving – I had to have 0.5mm of tooth shaved from 6 of my upper front teeth. A much better solution than having teeth removed!

I have to admit the tooth shaving wasn’t pleasant – but it was pretty much painless with just a couple of nicks to the gums and having the attachments fitted was a quick and easy process. All in all, I was out of Ollie & Darsh in 45 minutes with my new braces on!

My boyfriend, who didn’t think I really needed braces and was a little sceptical about the whole thing, was really impressed -especially with the lowers – he couldn’t tell I had them in at first. My upper aligner was not as invisible due to the fact that my treatment requires attachments on all 8 of my front teeth – but to be honest they’re only really noticeable close up and I can live with that if it means I have straight teeth at the end!

The braces were not painful at all – it just feels like there is pressure on your teeth, which is good because you know that Invisalign is doing its job! The only problem I had – and this does go away after a couple of days – was getting my first set of braces in and out. I did struggle at first. The morning after I had the braces fitted, Suzy gave me a call to see how I was getting on. I thought this was a really lovely touch and she reassured me that I would find my own ‘knack’ to getting the braces out. And sure enough I did – here are my hints and tips…

  • Stay calm – they will come out! The more you panic, the more difficult it is.
  • Wear rubber gloves – sounds a bit strange but this really does help you get a grip on the aligners.
  • Work from the back to the front – ‘unclip’ your aligners and the back and run your forefinger around to the front, you’ll hear the aligners unclipping from your attachments.
  • It gets easier – trust me on this one, aligner 2 has been really easy!

I’m getting ready to put aligner 3 in tonight and I can’t wait! I’m a month into my treatment with another 40 weeks to go. It’s amazing to think that this time next year I’ll be flashing a straight, bright white smile – something I never thought I would be able to do!

Ollie has been great throughout my treatment. I’ve gone from not going to the dentist for a quite a while through fear to really looking forward to my next visit to Ollie & Darsh. I am still a bit scared but I know that it will be worth it to get my perfect smile.

If anyone has any questions, please contact the Ollie & Darsh team and I’ll try to answer them in my next blog!

We will be following Lauren and posting updates throughout the course of her treatment so make sure you check back for updates.

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