Invisalign treatments are continuing to be a popular choice of dental treatment throughout the world. Each year millions of people choose Invisalign for the fact that they are nearly invisible, removable and you can slowly see the progress of your new smile.

Here at Ollie and Darsh, we are always receiving bookings for Invisalign treatments and as we previously mentioned, we have recently been awarded with Invisalign Diamond Status.

So what does Invisalign diamond status mean? Well, Ollie and Darsh have now achieved the highest awarded level possible for providing Invisalign treatments, which is given to a small number of UK dentists.


It’s not just the Ollie and Darsh team who are currently showing our love for Invisalign treatments. When chatting with our followers over on our Twitter page, we noticed a range of people chatting about how well their Invisalign treatments were doing (we also spotted a few celebrity Invisalign wearers in there too).

If you would like more information on Invisalign treatments then please complete our contact form. Alternatively, to see how Invisalign works on a daily basis then you may find our Invisalign Diaries 1 and Invisalign Diaries 2 very helpful.